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Our Services

Rogers Hydrant Service, Inc. performs all types of repairs, rebuilds and replacement services on all brands of fire hydrants in use today. We specialize in rebuilds and repairs to many brands of hydrants, WHILE STILL UNDER PRESSURE, which saves both time and money! Our repair prevents interruption of service to your customers, the tying up of your utility crew, site excavation and rusty water all while being more cost effective to your budget.

Here is a list of some of the common services we provide to our customers:

  • Fire Hydrant Repairs

    If you have a fire hydrant that is leaking, leaning, hard to turn or will not function, call us to repair it.

  • Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

    If you need flow testing, we offer two hydrant flow testing in accordance with ISO standards.

  • Fire Hydrant Flushing

    Periodic hydrant flushing is important to help maintain high-quality water and water distribution systems. Let us take care of that for you!

  • Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Operation

    Periodic maintenance and operation is important to ensure fire hydrants function correctly.

  • Fire Hydrant Replacements

    If you have a fire hydrant beyond repair and want it replaced, we will be happy to take care of that for you.

  • Fire Hydrant Extensions

    If you have a fire hydrant that is so low it is hard to access, we can correct that problem with an extension to raise it.

  • Fire Hydrant Painting

    Do your hydrants look bad or are they not color coded correctly to indicate flow? We will be happy to help.

  • Back-flow Device Repair and Testing

    Back-flow devices should be tested annually.

  • Automated Valve Exercising and Cleaning

    We have a WACHS Standard LX Valve Maintenance trailer.

  • Other services you might be interested in

    Distribution Mapping, Cross Connections, Surveys

Hydrant Maintenance Program

Why maintain your fire hydrants?
  • Properly maintained hydrants ensure all hydrants are available for use in the event they are needed for an emergency.
  • Maintained hydrants lower your municipality’s I.S.O. rating.
  • Maintained hydrants contribute to a safer and cleaner distribution system.
Our Maintenance Program Includes:
  • Yearly or bi-yearly flushing and maintenance.
  • Flow testing including static, residual and G.P.M. readings.
  • Location map of each hydrant including GPS coordinates and elevation.
  • Software Mapping Program which contains each hydrant’s location, general condition, flow readings and all repairs performed by Rogers Hydrant Service. (below are examples)